The Winning Formula

New Fuel Delivers Superior Efficiency For Greater Mileage
26 May 2014, Kuala Lumpur – PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) today launched the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 fuel, now engineered with the Advanced Energy Formula to deliver superior fuel efficiency for greater mileage. The new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula follows PETRONAS’ engineering success in the development of automotive fluids that has driven the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team to consecutive wins at the Formula One™ this year, completing each race with 30 per cent less fuel compared to the previous year. The engineering knowledge and acumen from the race tracks were transferred into the new fuel via the PETRONAS Fluid Technology SolutionsTM, an intelligent approach to fluid requirements that maximises your vehicle’s performance through tailor-made product offerings and expert services.

Speaking at the launch, Mohd Ibrahimnuddin Mohd Yunus, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PDB said, "We are excited to introduce the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula which has been engineered to deliver superior efficiency and optimum performance that will result in more mileage." "This latest breakthrough is a result of our commitment towards continuous engineering. It is certainly a testimony of the successful strategic partnership between our engineers and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team," he added. 

The new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula has been engineered in collaboration with PETRONAS PRIMAX’s Technical Performance Consultant and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team driver Lewis Hamilton, and our team of engineers and chemists from refinery and research laboratories to engine and vehicle facilities across Asia and Europe. The new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula cleans the engine to optimise fuel delivery, creates a finer fuel spray to enhance fuel combustion and energy release, and reduces friction to minimise energy loss for superior fuel economy. These three key functions combine to deliver greater fuel efficiency for everyday vehicles. 

Elaborating further on the technology behind the fuel, Hamilton said, “Fuel economy matters to me, even more importantly this season where fuel efficiency is the game changer in Formula One™. With the fuel limit capped this season, we have to ensure that every drop of PETRONAS PRIMAX that goes into the car is engineered to deliver optimum performance.” "PETRONAS has done an amazing job in coming up with a superior formulation for PETRONAS PRIMAX that has fuelled our Team to victory. As PETRONAS PRIMAX's Technical Performance Consultant, I am extremely honoured to be able to share this winning formula with Malaysian drivers today," he added. 

Building on our engineering success on the race tracks, PETRONAS has recently announced the renewal of partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team. PETRONAS as the technical partner to the Team will continue to engineer and supply cutting-edge fuel and lubricants for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team™. Marking itself as a formidable industry player with a list of innovative products, PDB sets a high benchmark by being the first Company in Malaysia to introduce the first unleaded gasoline, PRIMAS back in 1990. 

In May 2009, the Company continued its lead by being the first to introduce the RON 95 fuel in Malaysia four months ahead of the Government’s official implementation date of September 2009. The Company has also been recently named as the Gold Award winner at the 2014 Putra Brand Awards for the Automotive – Fuel and Lubricants category. This is the Company’s fifth win, having received awards in the Automotive Fuel category for the past four years. "Innovation is in our DNA. PETRONAS has consistently pushed the bar to establish new standards for the industry and we will continue to engineer innovative fluid solutions for our customers as part of our strategy to remain as the Brand of 1st Choice," Ibrahimnuddin concluded. 

Effective today, the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula will replace PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA at all PETRONAS Stations nationwide and will be sold at the regulated price of RON 95 fuel. To find out more information on the new PETRONAS PRIMAX with Advanced Energy Formula or to locate the nearest PETRONAS Station to you, visit

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